Dental Science Conference-Global Edition

Conference Theme : Dental Education and Research

Marjan Arianezhad

Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Iran


Marjan Arianezhad earned her DDS degree in 2017. For two years, I worked in health centers, providing free dental treatments to children under 14, and in private offices, gaining experience in various dental procedures.
In 2022, I began a postgraduate in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and currently hold the position of Chief Resident. We specialize in interpreting advanced diagnostic images such as CBCT, ultrasonography of head and neck, and sialography of major salivary glands, as well as interpreting PA and panoramic radiographs.
Alongside my clinical work, I am actively involved in research as a member of the Student Research Committee. Balancing practical responsibilities with a commitment to academic inquiry, I passionately try to contribute to advancing the field of dentistry. Marjan research interests lie in advanced imaging, different modalities of imaging of the head and neck, and interpreting images.
Approaching the end of the residency, she looks forward to continuing my journey in dentistry with a focus on providing quality care and contributing to ongoing advancements in oral healthcare.